Hose Pipe Ban

100 words about a faceless bureaucracy who doesn't care about people
FFfAW week 75 photo prompt (c) Louise 

‘You call this a garden? It’s a small vegetable farm.’

Melanie shrugs as she lugs the hose around to water the beds farther down.

‘To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to.’

‘I believe they’re part of the problem.’

The inspector stabs his clipboard.

‘Did I miss the memo when they made growing food illegal?’

‘I don’t care what you grow. I care about excessive water usage.’

‘It won’t rain. We’ve emptied the last of our water tanks days ago – and we always keep more than we’re required to by law. ’

‘But not enough. You cannot use the hose.’

‘People will starve.’

‘The law’s the law.’

20 thoughts on “Hose Pipe Ban

  1. Sounds like a case of..save the planet……of course, there may not be any people left if they starve or die from lack of the proper nutrition, but the planet will be in great shape! Great story, Sonya. 😊

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  2. Hmmmm,too much law, not enough compassion. The law is only useful if it does not harm a lot of people in its justness. I guess people could argue that. But it often seems the case in certain instances.

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  3. We have watering regulations here, especially in the summer. Hope it doesn’t get as bad as inspectors coming around to check on gardens. Good story for the picture.

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    1. We had a hose-pipe ban here a couple of years ago. Literally the day after it was announced, it started raining for two months… Thanks!

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