TLT: False Advertising

three line tales week 26: summer camp
photo by Maher El Aridi

Glamping – sounds fun on paper,

but neither calling it a yurt nor adding a fridge can mask

that you’re sleeping in a tent crawling with bugs.

12 thoughts on “TLT: False Advertising

  1. Your poem continued…

    Peeing in a bucket
    Supping tea from tin mugs ,
    Eating yesterdays sausage
    Wearing yesterdays dirt
    Yes it’s no fun even in
    A yurt.
    Great post smashing poem


  2. Haha! Got to be better than putting your own droopy bit of canvas up in the pouring rain? I own went camping once – put me off for life 🙂


  3. Ah, but it’s the bugs that tell you you’re outside. Which is why I prefer to be inside, ha ha! 🙂 I did a lot of camping in my youth, and I figure I got a lifetime supply worth in already.


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