Three Line Tales, Week 26: Round-Up

three line tales week 26: summer camp

I’m still broadband-less (BT, eh?). Which made compiling this round-up a tad harder than I’d like, but I got there in the end:

I hope I didn’t forget anyone – if any lines are missing, let me know.

12 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week 26: Round-Up

          1. We relied on tethering off our mobiles for 2 years before broadband service was available at our house. It can be done, but its amazing how much slower mobile internet seems now…best of luck getting it all sorted!


    1. Oops, yes. You added a pingback to the page, but not to this week’s post. I collect the links from there, so if I don’t see yours there and don’t have time to update the list as and when a pingback comes in (as was the case this week), I’m going to miss it. No worries, adding it now, broadband permitting…


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