Perplexed: Am I Spam?

photo by Evan Daniels
photo by Evan Dennis 

So WordPress seems to have decided my comments are spam. If you joined Three Line Tales last week and you’re in the upper half of yesterday’s round-up, it might be worth checking the comment spam on your dashboard. I gave up when I realised nothing I wrote got published, mind.

Now, I don’t know how WP (and/or Akismet) decide what constitutes spam. And I won’t be able to find out this week because of course this happens while WP are away on their annual get-together.

Just as I was going to ease myself back into blogging regularly, as well.


26 thoughts on “Perplexed: Am I Spam?

  1. Good luck with sorting it. These things can drag on I believe. I have noticed while you were on your move that you kept getting the same spam comment show up on TLT – could that have influenced WP’s algorithms to think you’re spam too?

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    1. I know the one you mean because I taught the spam filter to bin it, even though it seems to slip through every now and again. I don’t think that’s the problem. I started reading TLTs on Thursday and I hadn’t any problem commenting then, but after the round-up went live on Sunday, I couldn’t comment anymore. Maybe it’s because there are too many pingbacks in that post. Or maybe someone has marked my comments as spam on their blog – even though why they would do that, I don’t know… I suppose I’ll find out next week.

      Thanks, Lynn!

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      1. Hope you get it sorted – such a pain. How did the move go BTW? You all settled in Dublin now? Always reminds me of that old song – ‘In Dublin’s fair city, where the girl’s are so pretty, I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone …’

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        1. Move went well, now I just have to get used to having to get the kiddo out of the house on time every morning. She’s not a morning person and I know exactly where she gets it from… So I suppose we’re still settling 🙂

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          1. Has she started school now? It’s a big deal for them isn’t it, though I’m sure she’ll setle soon enough. Most kids start making friends within days. You still orientating yourself around the city? Found any good pubs yet? 🙂


  2. Feel free to test yourself on my blog. You don’t look like a spammer to me. But maybe WP thought you were commenting a suspiciously unusual amount, or too fast, or something? I know I’ve occasionally been told to write slower – which I find annoying, since I type quickly and have no trouble driving those particular algorithms nuts.

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    1. Well, I suspect it might be to do with the round-up I posted because I didn’t have any problems before Sunday. Then again, I’ve been posting those for more than six months and everything was fine. So who knows… And really, typing too fast is a sign of being a spammer? That is insane.

      I’ll see if I can comment on your blog in a moment – thanks for the offer!

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      1. Not so much typing too fast as typing fast enough to leave multiple comments quickly. I hate that “slow down!” error message. Ugh. Some of us can think, read, and write quickly and not be spammers. 😛


      2. If you actually DID try to comment on my blog, your comments are definitely going into a black hole somewhere – I see nothing, and my spam and moderation queues have nothing in them. If you didn’t, that’s fine – just wanted to let you know. Because only bots should be going into my spam bucket, and I’m not sure WHAT it would take to get deleted without review. (I do not run Akismet, which is a huge source of “false positives” – TOO effective, so I removed it.)

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        1. Well, I tried but I got an error message saying that I need to enable JavaScript. I have it enabled, though, so not sure what happened there.
          Well, I’m pretty sure my current problem is due to Akismet being too effective.

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  3. What rotten timing — but how can they all leave at once? That’s terrible! In the meantime, now that you’ve told all of us, we can keep an eye out on our spam folders for you and approve your comments. Thanks for giving me the incentive to figure out how to do that!

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  4. I had the same problem. All the comments I left last week through the android app were blocked because WP decided they were spam. I had to go directly to folk’s pages, find their reply and hit reply to comment so I could answer them in a few instances, my comments were still blocked. It’s so frustrating. I finally got in touch with WP’s “happiness engineers” and their advice is to comment from WP’s web interface instead of through the app.

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      1. Yes it’s an official WP app. It’s gotten better. Some functions it does well and for everything else, I open the older WP Admin in chrome because it’s fully functional and includes everything while the WP app is missing a lot of key features.

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  5. Sorry you are having problems, hope you get it sorted out soon. I’m sure it is frustrating . I don’t know about the various problems and how to fix them. I’m lucky just to get my posts on. I’m still trying to figure out how to adjust the line spacing and font a lot if times …it doesn’t always work.


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