Three Line Tales, Week 37: Round-Up

three line tales week 37: swing with chairs in the background

Can you believe October is half-way over yet? So, show of hands, who of the TLT crowd is doing NaNoWriMo?

As always, if I missed your lines, let me know.

See you on Thursday!

7 thoughts on “Three Line Tales, Week 37: Round-Up

    1. I’d have sworn I’d added yours – that’s what I get for rounding up lines way past my bedtime. Sorry about that. I’ll add you in a bit!


      1. No no, please don’t apologize–I understand completely about trying to do any blogging late at night! It really wasn’t a big deal to me at all, I’ll still be back eager every week for the next prompt!! ❤


  1. Oh mine is not here again 😦 please tell me what have I done wrong? I’ve even left a comment with the link 😦 I don’t know ho I’ve done it the first time as it worked perfectly…


    1. That one’s easy: You published your lines after I published the round-up – try as I might, I can’t see into the future yet I’m afraid. I’ll update the post in a bit.


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