TLT: Innocent Flower But

three line tales week 46 a concrete daisy over a crack in the wall
TLT photo prompt by Bruno Nascimento 

Sophie shakes her head and says, No, something simpler we can scribble on walls fast and without the alarms the white rose’d sound. She’s right – again – but before I get a chance to throw a tantrum, a brainwave strikes.

How ‘bout a daisy, then?

(Yes, this is the second time I used this line in a title.)


2 thoughts on “TLT: Innocent Flower But

  1. Interesting perspective on the image — it was certainly thought provoking! I couldn’t get around the flower being screwed into the wall…and how the screw caused the crack, or crevice, which is really the cracking of the facade of beauty being upheld by ‘them’. Wonderful!


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