National Flash Fiction Day 2020

“Aw, look at this one.”

Marie points at a bunny rabbit. Their twitchy noses are kind of sweet, but I don’t want a bunny rabbit.

This is the beginning of my story Cats and Dogs – you can read the whole thing here on FlashFlood. I’ve only read a handful of stories so far. Anyone else got one on there today? Pop me a link in the comments if you do.

If you missed out on the FlashFlood, there’s another opportunity to get a story published at the Write-In, too.

7 thoughts on “National Flash Fiction Day 2020

  1. Wow. What an amazing story. Was Flash Fiction Day really a little while ago?? Arrgghh — I keep missing the writing holidays!! First National Haiku Day, then it was National Short Story Month, and now this!?!? I gotta get ahead of things more… Anyway, your story was extraordinary and outstanding. Keep up the great writing. ❤ =)

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