‘Told ya it’s bigger than it looks.’

‘Bit like the TARDIS, isn’t it?’


‘Definitely a bit like the TARDIS. I’m not happy with this neighbourhood.’

‘I know, you keep saying.’

‘But if it’s the price for living in a TARDIS-like environment… Right. I need an outfit?’


‘Well, I’ve got my companion sorted, now I need a distinctive look.’

‘If ya think I’m gonna be your damsel in distress…’

‘Haven’t you been paying attention? It’s the companion who saves the Doctor more often than not. Don’t run off.’

‘We’ve boxes to unpack. Or is that the companion’s job, too?’


Story 21 of 31 for Story A Day.

Lady M(ermaid)

Sleeping Mermaid – (c) Sonya, 2015

The Little Mermaid took the knife and ran to the prince’s bedroom. She loved him. But if she couldn’t have him, she didn’t want another woman to have him, either. She plunged the knife into his heart, put it in his new wife’s hand and wet her feet with his blood. They stopped hurting. She flung herself out the window and into the sea, watching her legs turn into a fishtail again.

Despite the transformation, the Little Mermaid wasn’t herself anymore. She spent her days rubbing away an invisible stain on her tail, voicelessly complaining about her ever bloody feet.


Story 19 of 31 for Story A Day May – today’s prompt suggested we retell a fairy tale, so I injected a little Shakespeare into the ending of the Little Mermaid.

Sorry Sorry

The queue moves slower than a snail. The youngster in front of me fidgets and jumps from one foot to the other and I’d like to tell him something about respecting my personal space but one doesn’t make a fuss at the post office.

The queue shuffles forward. The youngster takes a half-step back and steps on my foot. ‘Sorry,’ I mumble. He doesn’t even turn around to apologise. It’s disgraceful. When the queue moves again, I wait, painfully aware of the glaring that goes on behind my back.

I turn and mumble sorry. There are understanding nods. The relief.


Story 18 of 31 for Story A Day May.

Let them eat ready meals

100 words about the BBC food recipes to be taken down
photo by Maria Molinero 

‘You know what the problem is? All these easy recipes people can access on their phones in the supermarket. I’ve seen them wander around the aisles hunting for ingredients. And then they go home and cook. From scratch. Is it any surprise the sales figures aren’t where they should be? No, indeed it is not. We have to make those recipes disappear. Then people will wander around aimlessly looking for easy dinner options. We need to create a void to fill.

So, what will it take to make the recipes go away? How big a donation will do the trick?’


Story 17 of 31 for Story A Day – today’s prompt is ‘inspired by real events’.

Connie Wants to be a Sidekick

100 words about Gwen's new sidekick
photo by Andrew Amistad 

I know these back alleys inside out, I rush through here every day on the coffee run. Yet I’m scared. Turns out they look different in the dark. Unfamiliar.

But I’m here, where she’s been spotted before, so I’m going to keep loitering. With intent. Even though there’s nobody around.

Hang on. Footsteps. Coming from above.

‘Is that you?’

Stupid thing to say. Silence.

‘I want to be your sidekick.’

She comes sliding down a drainpipe.

‘You? What help would you be?’

She underestimates me. Everybody does. I look her up and down.

‘For starters, I could design your costume.’


The Saturday Serial is taking a break, but this one wanted to be written today, so here’s story 14 of 31 for Story A Day May.

Doing the Girls a Favour, Really

100 words about a serial killer who thinks he's doing the right thing
photo by purple_confetti 

Some realise a moment before their muscles relax. He’s learnt to recognise that spark. He talks to them, explains his vision and that he’ll conserve their youth forever. If there’s time – some lose consciousness quicker than others – he’ll show them what dress he’s picked. He has impeccable taste. If they could, they would thank him.

He has slowed down. Staying off the police radar has become harder, and he’s running out of room. But sometimes, it would be a crime to stand by while a new tenant’s beauty withers away.

This one will take pride of place in his collection.


Story 13 of 31 for Story A Day.

Serial Cuppa Maker


100 words about a landlord serial killer
photo by Alondra Olivas 

She didn’t want to come in for a cuppa with her new landlord, but to say no would have been impolite.

‘How do you take it?’

‘Two drops of milk, half a teaspoon of sugar, please.’

‘How very particular,’ he said. ‘Never heard that before.’

‘Do you make lots of tea, then?’

She should have declined, in a polite fashion. He appeared nice enough, but something about him scared her.

‘You could say that.’

He handed her a cup.

‘Hope it meets your standards.’

She nodded, even though it tasted funny.

Poison, she realised as she tumbled off her chair.


Story 12 of 31 for Story A Day May – this is what happens when I listen to Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads while writing…

Chance Encounter on Parliament Hill

100 words about a chance encounter on Parliament Hill
ah, Hampstead Heath (c) Sonya, 2009

You take a deep breath. Underneath the chill, you smell a hint of spring. An icy gust of wind blows away budding hopes of it arriving soon. You hop from foot to foot to keep warm.

‘Lovely despite the weather, isn’t it?’

The voice startles you. You came here to be alone by choice, but you swallow your annoyance.

‘It’s my favourite place in the city.’

‘Mine, too. Do you mind if I share the bench with you? Just until the sun has risen.’

‘Please, sit.’

To your surprise, sharing a chilly morning’s sunrise with a stranger improves the experience.


Story 11 of 31 for Story A Day, inspired by this week’s WP Discover Challenge.

Hanna and Greg

100 words about a brother and a sister abandoned by their father
photo prompt (c) S. Writings 

They drive in silence until Father pulls into a dirt lane and turns the engine off. They sit in the backseat, holding hands.

‘Food and water in the boot. Brought your sleeping bags? Here, keys. Good luck.’

Off he treks.

‘Now what, Han?’

‘Don’t worry. We’ll drive until we find friendly people who’ll take us in.’

Hanna jangles the keys. Starting the car takes three attempts, turning it around six.

‘You’ll get us killed.’

‘Cut the negativity, Greg.’

‘How do you manage to remain so chirpy?’

‘We can’t let that witch win. We’ll survive and one day, we’ll get revenge.’


Story 10 of 31 for Story A Day, inspired by this week’s FFfAW photo prompt.