Full of Surprises

The way Cas put her hand on Jackson’s face – Gwen can’t get it out of her head. She got a good view but couldn’t hear what they said. She can guess, though.

She’s walked in on them during a tender moment before. Gwen pretended she didn’t notice then out of fear of getting the sack. If Cas’s father had any inkling…

‘So, you and Jackson? Didn’t see that coming.’

Cas looks up with a jolt.

‘You noticed.’

‘I don’t give a damn anymore if my nosiness gets me fired.’

Cas, to Gwen’s surprise, grins.

‘About time. We’re tired of hiding.’


Today’s instalment of the Saturday Serial started with the 42 Flash Challenge prompt and led to much more than I can convey in 100 words – let’s just say things really are going to get interesting…


100 words about trying to live up to expectations
(c) 2015, Sonya

Once you’ve raised expectations, you will disappoint people. You’ll disappoint yourself; you’ll always look back on that time you raised the bar and cleared it by yards and you’ll wonder why you can’t clear it again. Until the day when you do, when you accomplish a bigger leap than last time. Yes, you’re back.

Only, the following day it gets harder than ever. You marvel at the evidence of your own brilliance, not quite able to believe you raised the bar higher yet.

Up and down. Higher highs followed by lower lows.

Some days, you wish you’d become an accountant.


100 words about restraining rage
photo by Anthony Taubin 

She’d have a black belt in restraint if anybody knew how she keeps herself under control.

Trouble is, she’s noticed cracks in the smooth façade she presents to the world. The calm demeanour for which she is known used to come easy. More often than not, these days it doesn’t come at all.

She’s taking steps – beating the stuffing out of a punching bag at lunchtime, tai chi in the evening. They have the effect of a fire blanket on a wildfire: extinguishing patches while the blaze rages on.

She wonders if years of pent-up fury are looking for release.

Shiny Like a Pound Coin

100 words about post-collapse food
photo by PublicDomainPictures 

Shiny like a new pound coin, innit? I’m not gonna eat that, looks like it’ll break me teeth.’

‘I don’t know what a pound coin is. Does it taste nice?’

‘Course you don’t, too young, innit. Lucky, not knowing about money. Got us into this mess and all.’

‘Oh, money. I’ve heard the old guys talk about it.’

‘Charming. True, though.’

‘Will you eat it or not? It’s softer than it seem. It tastes a bit funny, but not in a yucky way and it’ll keep you going for days.’

‘Not much like money, then. Alright, kiddo, let’s try it.’