Annie Lights a Fire

unlit candleStu’s gone out because the generator is malfunctioning again. With another big storm approaching, Annie lights candles and a fire in the hearth. Even if the generator comes back, it may well die in this weather. And if you have to have the elements raging all around you, you might as well have a fire to keep you warm.

Stu comes hurrying inside drenched only seconds after the rain’s begun.

‘No electricity till the storm’s blown over,’ he grumbles.

Annie smiles and fills the kettle.

‘No worries, love. How would you like a cheese sandwiches grilled on the open fire?’


DeepikaBurli nominated me for an award the other day – thank you! I don’t do award posts on this blog (because they tend to be a lot longer than one hundred words), but I’ve used one of the questions to inspire this story. Now you know what comes to my mind if someone says candle.

Six Months On (Observations, Blog Awards, Thank Yous)


What shall I do, she thought. This editing lark is boring. Oh, I know.

She started a blog. I’ll write a 100-word story every day, she decided, for as long as I can be bothered. She had no illusions that it was going to be one of her little follies, that she’d abandon the idea within a month.

But she encountered something she hadn’t reckoned with: readers. They read, they liked, they commented.

I have twenty, fifty, one hundred, two hundred and forty seven readers now, she thought, I can’t abandon them.

So six months on, she’s still here.


So much for today’s ‘story’. But there’s a lot more: my writing observations, blog awards, so click here to Continue reading