Lunch Time

Copyright Melanie Greenwood
Copyright Melanie Greenwood

We weren’t supposed to be down the far end of the school grounds. But the Gregory twins had chased me all the way. They’d left shouting they’d find a teacher to tell on me.

The hedge growled, shaking its twigs. Scary, but I was more frightened of the Gregory twins. I took out my lunch. The hedge snatched the sarnie. It wasn’t interested in the bread. But it devoured the ham. I held out my finger, pulled back before it could take a bite out.

I laughed. The Gregory twins smelled like pigs. Next time, I’d make them follow me.


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Vintage Party Dress – For JM

vintage 1950s Persephone Party Dress in Teal image by Huzzah Vintage

The smell of moth balls makes me think of Nana. I loved exploring her teenage wardrobe, even though I had to hold my nose. I cried when Dad told me she’d thrown it all away because it’d confused her.

I freeze. Am I seeing things? This has to be Nana’s dress. I check for the hole she’d burnt into it with a cigarette. There. Like mad, I burrow through the 1950s section. But it’s the only piece of Nana’s.

I wear it for dinner. My parents exchange a look. They’ve recognised it, too.

’So, who really gave Nana’s clothes away?’

The Lion Tamer’s Daughter

Sam answers the door. I hide. It’s best, after the disaster with the Brownies. I’m not versed in the customs of suburbia. I shoo away wistful thoughts of my former life.

Sam’s muffled voice mingles with loud, unfamiliar ones. I perk up.

‘Honey, we have guests.’

Nobody but me would detect the strain in his voice.

They’re in the kitchen. Five of them, colourfully clad. They look like types who run away to join the circus. Sam’s out of his element.

‘Say hello to the neighbours.’

I smile. Put on my best “Welcome to the ring” voice. It’s show time.


I have again used one of the GU Creative Writing Society Flash Fiction February prompts (wistful). I’ve also used today’s Blogging 101 assignment as inspiration.

16 Feb 2015: Want to know more about the lion tamer’s daughter? Read the prequel Replacement Cat on 101 Words.

A 100-word Intro

My name is Sonya. I’m a writer (I used to write stuff for other people and realised that when I’d decided I’d become a writer, I hadn’t meant copywriter).

This blog is an outlet for my imagination which doesn’t seem to know the meaning of resting. I’m in the middle of editing a novel. My imagination got bored dealing with a story that already existed (albeit in pieces). So I made it a deal: You let me get on with the novel, and as a reward we’ll write and publish a 100-word story.

So far, it’s working a treat.