Recurring Nightmare

Playground she went to with Jim when they investigated that murder in Alfred Place. Swings, slide, climbing frame – all massive. Kids clustered around the benches, passing a bottle around.

swings, nightmareCard them? But I’m a DCI. And they are so big.

Smash goes the bottle. Broken glass everywhere. Hazard for little children – ones her size. Her sister’s always going on about how they should keep teenagers and drunks out of children’s playing areas at night. As if they didn’t have real work to do after dark.

Intervene! Make them clean up!

Seven kids, the smallest twice her size.

She feels powerless.

DCI Malone on the Case

The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.

DCI Malone looks up from the statement. It’s gone past eight, no wonder she finds it difficult to concentrate. That and the witness being a pompous ass.

She needs food. And a drink.

When she walks into the Lion, Jim’s at the bar, downing a large whisky. He jumps when she throws herself onto the barstool next to him.

‘Bad day?’

Jim frowns.

‘Jonno, the usual and another one of those for Mr. Sunshine.’

Funny how she’s never noticed that Jim always smiles when they meet. Something’s up and she’s going to get on the case.

It’s a welcome distraction.


On Lynn’s request, DCI Shannon Malone is making a comeback for this week’s MFtS (and it’s completely unrelated to her previous appearance). Find out what other writers did with the picture and the opening sentence here.

The Perfect Crime

DCI Shannon Malone is listening to the recording of the call again. It came from the victim’s phone, they found only the victim’s prints on it. The prints in the entire bloody workshop belong to the victim.

The voice gives Malone the creeps. It’s inhuman – like those robots they make you talk to when you call a helpline.

Jim from Forensics interrupts her.

‘You have the results?’

The handwriting on the note – Messed with the wrong girl – found next to the mutilated body is their best hope.

‘It’s the victims, Shan.’

Their only clue: The perp seems to be female.