Elvira’s Request

Elisa finds a quiet spot to sit before she looks at the note again. Her head’s still spinning from those memories she didn’t know she had.

‘Your mother, Queen Eleonora, has disappeared. She will, no doubt, punish me for this, but I believe the other families will try to usurp the throne. You must come back and pose as your mother.’

Elisa almost hears the sender’s voice in her head. Elvira, her mother’s lady-in-waiting. Elisa wonders how she remembers people and places she didn’t know existed fifteen minutes ago.

‘How do I return?’

‘I’m glad you asked,’ says the note.

Elisa Remembers

100 words about a faerie note
photo by RaphaelJeanneret

Read me, it says on the note lying on the pavement. Elisa’s mother would tell her to leave rubbish alone, but it looks clean.

‘Thank you, Elisa, for not ignoring me. You will not regret picking me up.’

There’s something strange about the writing – each word only seems to be there as she looks at it. And how did the note know her name?

This shimmering writing. Elisa remembers the bedtime stories her mother read to her did this. But the mother she remembers now is not the woman she lives with.

Elisa remembers her real mother, the faerie princess.