Owly Death Stares

100 words about a man who's changed his mind about cheating on his wife
photo from Public Domain Archive for FFfPP week 6 

Oozing attitude – don’t mess with us, mate –, the owls catch my eye. Judgmental lot.

I won’t return to this pub – terrible choice of wall decoration, puts punters off their beer when they go the loo. The owly death stares remind me of Rita. She’ll, no doubt, give me one of hers when I stumble in later.

On the return leg, I focus on the stag – doe-eyed like Melli. She’s waiting, no doubt – I said I’d come back to hers. But I catch another glimpse of the owls’ disapproval. Smug lot.

‘Okay, owls, you win. Home to the wife it is.’

Double Standards

100 words about dating a younger man
photo from Public Domain Images 

Lena leaves a voicemail. It sends my alarm bells ringing. I text to suggest we meet for lunch at our favourite coffee shop.

Lena’s waiting, looking knackered. She tells my everything. I almost choke on my panini.


‘Seemed a good idea. Still does, I quite like him.’

‘How old did you say?’

I’m as appalled as I’m jealous. If only I hadn’t pushed her into dating after Eddie left.

‘Lena, he could be your son.’

‘If I’d started too early, maybe. Eddie’s run off with a girl who’s barely even legal. Does anybody bat an eyelid? Of course not.’


It’s Week 2 of FFfPP. I’m tired and there’s other stuff that needs writing, so this is the best I could today.

Down at the Bowling Alley at Midnight

100 words about New Year's Eve bliss
photo by Skitterphoto 

Honestly, this isn’t how I expected to spend New Year’s Eve. Mum had to cover for another nurse at short notice – again – and felt bad for leaving me on my own. So she asked Aunty Callie and Callie said, ‘yes if she’ll come to the bowling alley.’ Bowling sounded boring, but Callie’s cool. Her friends are, too. And one of them brought his teenage brother along, Colin. I quite like Colin. We make a good bowling team even though we keep messing around.

I hope Colin’ll kiss me at midnight.

Somehow, I’ve ended up in the right place by accident.


Written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner: Week #1- 2016. Thanks, Roger, for hosting a new flash fiction challenge!