Top Three Stories – June 2016

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boysboysboys (Literary Lion)

100 words about fancying another girl
photo by Zach Guinta

Is this it, Mia asks and you don’t know but you hope not because honestly, it was mediocre at best and if this is actually it, then what is all the fuss about but isn’t it lucky that both of you had your first kiss on the same night and neither was as world-shattering as everybody always claims, at least you don’t have to feel like a freak but Mia looks a bit down and you want to cheer her up because you really, really like Mia so you say, ‘no, it’ll get better.’

Funny, though, you hope it won’t.

Making Allies

100 words about meeting a potential ally; fearless serial
photo by David Mark 

The guy who’s been ogling her approaches.

‘You should get that looked at.’

Okay, not the line she expected.

‘Yeah, thanks. If I were worried, I’d talk to a doctor.’

She is worried, though. She came to the pool to get some exercise, but even swimming makes it hurt more.

‘You should be worried. And I am a doctor.’

‘It’s just a bruise.’

‘You’re awfully defensive about it.’

‘It’s not what you think.’

‘That’s what they all say. Let me take a look, at least. I’m Alex.’

Should he accept her conditions, knowing a doctor might come in handy.



I am not making this up: I had Gwen going to the pool before the Literary Lion provided the prompt. It’s part of the Saturday Serial, but I’d like to think it works as a standalone.

Should you be interested, you’ll find all previous instalments on the Serials page.

King of Hearts, Right?

100 words about getting married in Las Vegas
photo by Michal Parzuchowski 

I’m taking a bit of a gamble, but that’s what you go to Vegas for, right?

He surprised me with the trip – I knew we were going away, of course, but I was expecting Eurostaring it to Paris, not a transatlantic flight.

We walked along the Strip last night. I was so overwhelmed by the spectacle that, when he asked me, I said alright.

So all my chips are on him. I’m hoping he’ll turn out to be the king of hearts. He might.

On my way to the Graceland chapel now. Having Elvis perform the ceremony is exciting, right?

Because What Does She Know

100 words about a guy who thinks he knows better than his girlfriend
photo by matcuz

You said you’d come to the rink with her only after she promised they have hockey skates. They’re manlier.

She’s pulling hard on her laces. Watching makes your feet hurt.

‘Tie them tightly. Look, I can fit a finger in. Better do it again.’

You pretend to, but you don’t want to cut off circulation.

She glides onto the ice and spins. She holds out her hand.

‘Don’t be scared, it’s easy-peasy.’

You step on and go splat.

‘Didn’t retie properly, did you? Because you thought you know better.’

She skates off and leaves you to get up by yourself.


Just about squeezed in with the current Literary Lion prompt: ice.


100 words about unwanted guests
(c) 2015, Sonya

I hear them before I see them. Loud and scary, out of necessity. Now, they’re Edgers, they have to be rough around the edges. Tough life, theirs – not one I’d want. I like the cushy comforts and the safety of the Inlands; we’d have neither if it wasn’t for them, keeping the enemy out.

SoI feel bad about not wanting Edgers in my eatery. But they’ve terrible table manners. A big bunch of them will drive potential patrons away. They like to fight among themselves, and they’re not afraid of throwing cutlery.

I prefer to admire their roughness from afar.

Daisies (Literary Lion)

poppies defying paving stones; 100 words about friendship
This week’s theme is flower.
(c) Sonya, 2015

After school, we used to come to the park together to gather daisies. Then we’d sit on our bench – the secluded one by the pond from where you can see most of the grass. We fed leftover sandwiches to the swans, shared our secrets and made each other daisy chains. ‘A flower crown for Princess Violet,’ Poppy would say before she placed one on my head.

While I leave the daisies alone, I still sit on the bench and feed the swans. Late one afternoon, I spot her with her new friends.

She’s smoking while pulling petals off a daisy.