Downhill From Here

FFfAW week photo prompt (c) Joy Pixley
FFfAW week 83 photo prompt (c) Joy Pixley 

Are we there yet?

Shush. We’re not even close.

No idea how long I’ve been going, it seems like forever already. And there’s no end in sight. All I can see looking down is darkness. I don’t want to turn around, I bet all I’ll see in that direction is darkness, too. Endless black, matching my mood.

Why am I here again?

Getting paid. I suppose we like money.

Oh yes, I like money. Keep thinking of payday. Keep going.

Do we like money that much, though?


I wonder if I’ll ever reach the bright future they promised me.


Let them eat ready meals

100 words about the BBC food recipes to be taken down
photo by Maria Molinero 

‘You know what the problem is? All these easy recipes people can access on their phones in the supermarket. I’ve seen them wander around the aisles hunting for ingredients. And then they go home and cook. From scratch. Is it any surprise the sales figures aren’t where they should be? No, indeed it is not. We have to make those recipes disappear. Then people will wander around aimlessly looking for easy dinner options. We need to create a void to fill.

So, what will it take to make the recipes go away? How big a donation will do the trick?’


Story 17 of 31 for Story A Day – today’s prompt is ‘inspired by real events’.