Top 3 Stories – February 2016

Happy St. David’s Day! When I’ve done my writing for the day, I’m going to learn how to draw a daffodil. Maybe I’ll show you…

Oh, before I forget to mention it again: the final two instalments of my Mslexia guest post series are up.

  • Crossing the Isthmus – I love this world, I’ll have to write more about it
  • Owly Death Stares – brilliant photo prompt, this
  • Loathing – I came around on this one; all things considered, the Love Nudge Series turned out better than it should have, what with me giving it all of three minutes’ planning

That’s my February Top 3. As usual, I’m looking forward to hearing what you’d have chosen.


100 words about the blog's one year anniversary
Virtual anniversary cake (photo by Madison)

Are first anniversaries more significant than the following ones?

In a way, yes. During the first year, you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re learning all the time. You find out which of your expectations are on the money (not all that many) and you discover stuff you’d never have imagined. You find out if you can do this.

And maybe the highs seem higher, the lows lower in this first year-long roller coaster ride?

From now on, you’ve been there before. You have a history. You’re not the rookie anymore.

Look like you know what you’re doing, will you?


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Out of the Picture

100 words about a holiday breakup
(c) Louise Bunting 

I’ve been wandering the beach by myself for hours, the sky overhead mirroring my gloomy mood. Dunno what made me look up but I’m glad I did. I’d have missed how the sunset lights up the houses otherwise. Stroke of luck, I suppose.

I’ve been walking to clear my head. I think I did but I don’t like these new thoughts that have popped up.

Then again, Tim and I’ve been going on holiday together for a decade. Isn’t it telling that I finally take a photo worth writing home about with the two of us out of the picture?


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers week 49 – it must be Tuesday. Join in and/or read all stories here.

Oh, and before I forget again, my third Mslexia guest post has been up for a few days.

Airport Farewell

100 words about airport goodbyes
photo by Matthew Smith

There’s nothing like watching yourself say goodbye to the man you love at the airport. You’re doing your best to keep it together. He might detect a hint of moisture in your eyes. But your breathing is steady, your voice sounds as usual, your words belie the turmoil you’ve disguised so well.

He says he’ll be back, he has to go home to get a few things in order. You don’t know what things. For all you know, he has a wife there. But who are you to quarrel.

To his back as he walks airside you whisper, ‘Farewell, scoundrel’.


If you’re interested in reading about how I keep coming up with ideas, I shed a little light on the process in my second mslexia guest post.

Dont’ Trust the Fruit Bats

100 words about bats and vampires
photo by Saken53 

Simon says they are just fruit bats. I still don’t trust them. Yeah, I do find the little ones kinda cute, despite the yucky eating noises they make.

But pay attention to that big black fella. Doesn’t he just look like he’s trying to put a spell on you through the sheer power of his undead mind? Scary or what!

Simon says I’ve read too many derivative vampire novels. That may be the case, but I’ve made sure I’m armed: garlic, stake, silver cross. Holy water’s on the list.

Simon says I have nothing to worry about since I’m batty.


Written for Flash Frenzy round 88, where you’ll find the photo prompt – you have to look at it for the above mentioned big fella in the background, he is scary

Who’s glad there’s no poem today? I’m too busy writing my second mslexia guest post today, no time for poetry.

Silly Poem About a Bike

100 words about a stolen bicycle
photo by StockSnap 

Beloved bicycle, where art thou?

Why didst thou leave out of the blue?

Hasten, my precious, return to me,

For without thou I cannot be.


Lily puts pictures of her bike on all the lampposts.

She wrote a silly poem to appeal to the thief’s heart

Because she checked how much a new bike costs

And determined she couldn’t afford one, for a start.

She wants hers back, she loves it a lot.

It was a present from a guy she never forgot.

Main reason she remembers him though’s the bike,

So she needs it for memory and mobility alike.


I didn’t mean to mash Writing 101: Poetry and FFfAW, but the prompts demanded to be used together. Who am I to put up a fight?

Oh, and if you are interested in what I have to say about writing my 100-word stories, my first mslexia guest post is up today.