100 words about the fear of jumping
(c) Faber Academy 


Jump? I’m afraid of jumping from heights. I’m afraid of heights, too, but it became too hot inside; I had climbed out onto the ledge before I knew it. Damned survival instinct kicking in.

‘Jump! Before the windows burst.’

Oh my, they’ll burst? Yes, silly, they’ll burst. You thought you’d be safe here? Jump already, screams the survival instinct. I press my back against the wall and inch away from the window. Below, they mirror my movement.

‘Jump! Close your eyes, let yourself fall forward. We’ll do the rest.’

The survival instinct is taking over. I close my eyes.


100 words about the fear of butterflies
This week’s FFfAW photo prompt is provided by TJ Paris.

Those differences between Nina and me – you know, the ones we’d agreed to overcome – flared up again on the walk home after Sunday lunch.

I spotted the monster long before she did. You know how I almost know they’re there before I see them? So I tried to make her look anywhere but at it. Didn’t work, obviously. She saw it and went: Wait, I need to take a picture. Isn’t it pretty? I stayed on the path; she told me to come closer. That’s when it burst out of me.

‘Vile fluttery things. They’re nothing but overrated, colourful moths.’