Street Fighter

It seems I’ve accidentally started a new serial without having it planned out – it might get interesting.

Street Fighter

100 words about learning to fight
photo by skeeze

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea, love. Even the smallest bloke who trains here is twice your size.’


‘Look, I’m trying to let you off the hook. Girl like you has no business here.’

‘Don’t I? Don’t pay attention to the suit and the heels – I’m tougher than I look. You should see my scars.’

‘Only woman I’ve allowed in made me seem small. You won’t last a minute.’

‘Again, don’t let the business casual fool you.’

‘Why? How about you join boxercise at the gym around the corner?’

‘I don’t need fitness. I need real survival skills.’

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Spiderman Made it Look Easy

100 words about turning into a vigilante
photo by Patrick Brassard

With great power comes great responsibility. How unfortunate that she’s taken this line to heart. She ought to remind herself that superheroes make it look easy because they’re fictional.

No patrolling the streets for a while. She needs to heal.

Not feeling any fear has its drawbacks – if she continues to get her backside kicked, she’s going to wind up dead soon. She needs to become stronger and faster. She needs a martial arts teacher who’ll show her how to Van Damme. Even Spidey had to learn how to use his powers.

She’ll have to learn how to vigilante responsibly.

(You’ll find all instalments at the bottom of the Serials page.)

Just for Halloween, Right?

100 words about slutty uniforms for female staff‘Let’s have a look then, cupcake.’

As her manager, should Terry be flirting with her? Sheena frowns at herself in what Terry calls the uniform. More like a slutty costume. Well, it is Halloween.

‘Don’t it fit? I’ve a good eye for size, usually. I’ll get a smaller one.’

Smaller? She doesn’t dare move for fear of exposing her backside, the skirt’s that short.

‘Will the cost… I mean, uniform change after Halloween?’

Something a bit less revealing for Christmas, maybe.

‘Change? Course not. Only in summer, we don’t want you lot getting heatstroke.’

Great. She won’t last the day.

Tim Loves Halloween

100 words about Halloween; 100 words about being lonelyTim loves Halloween. Not only does he guide minimum one tour per night, which means lots of money. His pulling success rate goes through the roof, too. On a misty night like tonight, he won’t go home alone.

Tim hates going home alone. None of the girls who drink spiced cider on his tab and listen to his stories he can’t tell in front of family audiences ever return for another tour.

It’s not the spirits wandering the killing fields in search of their souls that scare him. But spooky season is over soon and he fears the lonely nights.


Thank you, Megan, for the prompts spooky, souls and spirits this week.

The Secret Door

100 words about a secret door
(c) 2015, Sonya

You lean against the wall because you’re only halfway home and exhausted from schlepping the shopping uphill. The world ripples. You get that dreamy falling sensation. You steady yourself. Your bags are gone. You’re not leaning against the wall anymore.

What is this place? Starry sky. Quiet. You inhale air that seems clean, free from exhaust fumes and the stench of old frying oil. Frightening as the sudden change of surroundings should be, you feel more tranquil than usual.

Another ripple and you’re back with your shopping. You search the wall for the door because you prefer the quiet world.

The Anthropologist’s Wish

If a fairy came along to grant him one wish, he’d ask for one hour of peace. Just one hour, all over the world. He’d tell her to stagger it, to make it three to four in the afternoon in every timezone. He’d go online to observe how an hour of peace, an hour without any person killing another would play out, again and again, going west with the sun.

sunset, one wish, 100 words about peaceHe harbours hopes that one peaceful hour would have an impact on mankind. Truth be told, he doesn’t think it likely.

But it would make for an illuminating social experiment.