Good News (Salvage Series)

Donna sat down with their drinks.

‘Terrible day at work. Please give me some good news.’

The detective looked at her with an expression she couldn’t read.


He muttered something else she couldn’t make out.

‘I’ve got nothing. Your husband hasn’t left the house or talked to anyone on the phone. If he’s having an affair, it’s with an imaginary woman.’

Donna shook her head.

‘But that woman saved his life.’

‘They’re colleagues. I suspect colleagues do that for each other.’

‘So that’s it?’

‘That’s it. Good news – your marriage is fine.’

He didn’t sound like he meant it.

A Walk in the Park

I hope my Friday Fictioneers story will work on its own, but you might want to read the two previous instalments of the Salvage Series for context.

(c) Santoshwriter

A Walk in the Park

Tina comes to the park because she doesn’t want to hear the sea. She thought if you respected it, it’d respect you back. The sea used to be home. But when they climbed out of the sub, barely alive, she was set adrift without a compass.

She watches dew pearl off a leaf. Maybe she should retrain as a landscape gardener. She loves fresh air. How could she forget that? Was the accident the sea’s way of telling her that raiding wrecks for treasure is not respecting the sea?

Time to step ashore. Maybe not for good. But for now.


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Green-Eyed Monster

Donna Smith had a good reason for choosing the gazebo in the park for the meetings. It was far from the shore.

‘You’re late.’

‘Had to take a detour. Harbour road’s closed,’ the detective replied.

Donna wondered what the emergency was. But they had business to attend.

‘Any evidence?’

‘You’re sure he’s having an affair?’

‘Why else would I’ve hired you?’

He handed over a stack of photographs.

’They don’t look like lovers to me.’

The photos seemed to confirm Ben’s claims. Did he anticipate she’d have him watched? She needed proof.

‘Look harder,’ she said.

‘Sure. It’s your money.’


To get the most out of my FFfAW story, I suggest you read Salvage first (but I hope it’ll work on it’s own, too). Links to all of this week’s stories can be found here.


The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.

Going about their preparations, nobody would have known Captain Smith’s mind was elsewhere and first mate Tina Goodrow had had another sleepless night.

Goodrow should have called in sick. She might have lost her position if she did, though, and she liked working with Smith. He treated her like a colleague, not a woman.

Smith mulled over the recurring argument he’d had with his wife. He was fond of his first mate, yes. But not in the way his wife had suggested. Tina was one of the guys.

Neither of them noticed the warning light indicating the oxygen generator malfunctioned.


Today’s Story A Day writing prompt is Third Person Omniscient. I thought it might work with this week’s Mondays Finish the Story picture and opening sentence, even though having an omniscient narrator in 100 words is a wee bit bonkers. All MFtS stories can be found here.