Blind Date on May the Fourth

10 words about someone who has never seen Star WarsThe blind date’s an unexpected success. I tell Jeremy – never liked that name, so I had low expectations but I may have to revisit my opinion – I need the loo, which is true but really, I need to text Gem. Say thank you for forcing me to go. I tried to weasel my way out and Gem would not have it.

‘Wait a moment, there’s a bunch of twats in fancy dress who try to take pictures with everyone.’

‘They’re Jedi.’

‘Is that supposed to mean something?’

Or maybe my opinion on guys named Jeremy is spot on, after all.


Story 4 of 31 for Story A Day May, with apology to all Jeremys.

Princess v Soldier

After losing her head, she realised that the rest of her body was falling apart!

Natalie inspects the princess’s head. One of her buns is wonky, but she’s okay.

‘Her arms dropped. And her left leg. Plop! Because she’s a boring princess. My space soldier’s cool.’

Elliot always tries to make her cry. If she does, he’ll laugh at her. But this time, he’s got it wrong. He’s made up the tale about what happens to the princess, but she knows better. Elliot has no clue what his space solider is. Time someone told him.

‘You know, the stormtroopers lose. Princess Leia and her friends, they are the heroes. Have you never seen Star Wars?’


As promise, here’s the second of my back-to-back MFtS stories. I know it’s a bit forced, but today is Star Wars Day, so I couldn’t not shoehorn a reference in… Click here for more MFtS stories.

Pretend it’s Star Wars

(c) Douglas M. MacIlroy

Hoth. That’s what I dress for. Going for a ride on my TaunTaun. I’m so far away from home, I might as well have gone to another planet.

There are no TaunTauns, actually. Walking is better for me, anyway, helps me keep warm. So do the layers I put on. First layer: thermal underwear. When I bought it en route, with money I should have handed over, the implications of my decision hit me. Bye, bye tropical paradise.

But where I come from, nobody dreams of running away to Fairbanks. I didn’t. They won’t come looking for me on Hoth.