The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out.

Going about their preparations, nobody would have known Captain Smith’s mind was elsewhere and first mate Tina Goodrow had had another sleepless night.

Goodrow should have called in sick. She might have lost her position if she did, though, and she liked working with Smith. He treated her like a colleague, not a woman.

Smith mulled over the recurring argument he’d had with his wife. He was fond of his first mate, yes. But not in the way his wife had suggested. Tina was one of the guys.

Neither of them noticed the warning light indicating the oxygen generator malfunctioned.


Today’s Story A Day writing prompt is Third Person Omniscient. I thought it might work with this week’s Mondays Finish the Story picture and opening sentence, even though having an omniscient narrator in 100 words is a wee bit bonkers. All MFtS stories can be found here.


Row, row, row your boat.

Nothing gentle, merry, dreamy about it. Hard work, rowing. You feel grim, as if you’ve been trapped in a nightmare. Grey sky, greyish blue water surround you day in, day out.

Ocean looks docile. Looks are deceiving. Keep rowing, don’t glance down. Do and you’ll see the shadow circling underneath. You’ll tell yourself it might be a submarine, or a whale. You’ll know better. Nothing you can do but keep rowing.

Row row. Row row. Row row. Your boat, your boat, your boat your boat your boat.

Row your boat – to the tune of Jaws.


The FFfAW photo prompts tend to make me write strange but exciting stories – this one is no exception. If you want more conventional storytelling, you’ll find the other participants’ tales here.

Price of Admission

NOT my picture for Photo 101

She clings on to the branch. The water’s so cold she can’t feel her feet. The cold’s creeping up her legs. If she loses control of them, she’ll smash into a rock.

Someone calls her name, but she has to concentrate. It’s the tricky bit. She’s half-convinced she won’t make it. Dodge rocks – right, left, right. Somehow, she’s still alive.

‘Oi, Daisy. Alright?’

‘Course. Fine.’

The older girls throw her a rope. She doesn’t care anymore as long as she doesn’t have to swim again. The alpha girl, Rosie, looks scared. And impressed. She nods.

‘Welcome to the club.’


The picture above is the Picture It & Write prompt for this week. I thought I’d not do any flash fiction challenges while I participate in Photo 101, but I suppose I was wrong. It helps that the theme for today’s photo is water.

And here’s my water photo:

Swansea Bay
Swansea Bay