This Body

100 words about waking up in another body
photo by TanteTati 

You wake up in someone else’s body. This body is thin and hungry. You think of tea and porridge and this body’s mouth waters and its stomach growls.

This body lives in a shoebox of a room. There’s a partly cracked mirror in the corner. You stand so you can see this body, but for now, you look at the feet. They are small and slender. This body is younger than yours.

Thinner, younger – you don’t know how you got this body, but you may never want to give it back.

The questions is, how did you get this body?

Daisies (Literary Lion)

poppies defying paving stones; 100 words about friendship
This week’s theme is flower.
(c) Sonya, 2015

After school, we used to come to the park together to gather daisies. Then we’d sit on our bench – the secluded one by the pond from where you can see most of the grass. We fed leftover sandwiches to the swans, shared our secrets and made each other daisy chains. ‘A flower crown for Princess Violet,’ Poppy would say before she placed one on my head.

While I leave the daisies alone, I still sit on the bench and feed the swans. Late one afternoon, I spot her with her new friends.

She’s smoking while pulling petals off a daisy.